n-ost Medienkonferenz 2022

14 November 2022 - 16 November 2022 09:00 - 20:00 Warschau, Nowy Świat 6

Beyond the Front Pages: Solidarity and Reporting in Times of War Weitere Informationen: https://n-ost.org/132-n-ost-media-conference-2022-beyond-the-front-pages Russia’s war in Ukraine shocked the world and put Europe’s peaceful future at stake. The violence of war urgently pushes all European societies to transform themselves, each within their particular context. It forces us all to pull together resources to carry out a rapid change – and somehow still carry on. How does the transformation affect our sense of European solidarity? And what part do we play in it as journalists? By the choice of topics we cover and words we use, we inevitably partake in the process, all the while our own role constantly evolves as the needs and expectations of our audiences shift. In the quicksand of the war, we seem to have moved past the age-old dichotomy of journalism and activism. But where exactly do we stand at this point? And where are we headed to? Media makers from all over Europe come together from 14th–16th November in Warsaw for the n-ost media conference – returning after a 2-year pandemic break – organised in cooperation with our partners Lviv Media Forum and Press Club Belarus. The conference is peer-to-peer designed and focused on multidirectional exchange and self-facilitating reflection building new paths for cross-border cooperation. This year a particular focus lies on the war in Ukraine. Colleagues from other countries will have the opportunity to hear Ukrainian voices, learn what are their expectations from European journalists and to what extent they have been fulfilled. During plenary sessions simultaneous interpretation between English and Ukrainian will be provided. The numerous workshops will be conducted either entirely in English or entirely in Ukrainian. Nonetheless, the organisers will try to provide interpretation for English/Ukrainian/Belarusian when required.

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